The same unique carbon cleaning compound that has made CarbonKlean products a favourite with photographers for more than 20 years is now available in an eyeglasses & sunglasses cleaner. Cleaning with Peeps is a simple two step process:

  1. Clean the lens with the retractable brush to remove any loose dust or potentially abrasive particles.
  2. To remove fingerprints and other oils, pull the arms out from the holder; breathe gently on the lenses and wipe then clean with smooth circular motions of the cleaning pads, one on each side of the lens. Slide the cleaning pads and arms back into the holder to replenish the cleaning compound. Make sure you do not get your peeps wet!


  • Developed to clean eyewear and sunglasses
  • NEW invisible carbon cleaning compound
  • Won’t scratch or damage AR coatings
  • Outperforms all other cleaning devices
  • Cleaning compound will not spill or dry out
  • No sprays, chemicals, liquid or residue
  • Unique way to advertise your brand
  • Stylish designer colours and finishes available
  • Long useful life - over 500 cleanings!



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