The world is a wonderful place full of wonderful adventures. With PARA’KITO™, we want you to embrace this world, to travel, to explore, to experience its joys, all whilst enjoying a naturally reduced mosquito appeal. Outdoors or in, we never stop caring about your comfort and well-being. That’s why we use natural essential oils in our products to help reduce your mosquito appeal.


Overspex careful design and rigorous product testing processes have resulted in “over the top” frames that are simply unmatched. The fusion between design and technology has lead us to the use of TR90, a highly innovative nylon based fibre resulting in a sunglass frame that is extremely light-weight, highly durable, chemical resistant and ensures long-term colour endurance.

Lens & Screen Cleaners

The REVOLUTIONARY CarbonKlean Cleaning Collection has been developed by the creators of the world famous Lenspen. There are four products in the range including peeps, ScreenKlean, SmartKlear and the LapTop Pro. What is the secret to CarbonKlean: The cleaning tip surface is covered with a special invisible carbon compound that removes the fingerprint oils. This is not “high tech” – this is “old tech”! Many years ago our grandmothers often used newspapers to clean the windows and mirrors in the house. Why did that work so well? Newspapers are covered with printer’s ink, which is about 25% carbon and the carbon molecule has a unique ability to absorb oils. The invisible carbon compound in CarbonKlean products is unique and it has been specially formulated to handle the fingerprint oils on lenses, filters, eyepieces and screens.

Reading Glasses

Not only does our range offer a quality product, but we also keep up with the latest in fashion trends in the market. We offer a broad range of reading glasses to suit all occasions! We offer a range of metal and acrylic frames with spring hinges.

Our whole team is working hard behind the scenes to ensure the most efficient service possible.

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